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If you want tangible evidence that the new health care law is already helping ordinary people, it’s worth talking to one of the 8.5 million Americans who received rebates from their insurance companies this summer. Just ask the folks who got checks in the mail.

Because of the Affordable Care Act, insurers must spend at least 80 percent of premium dollars on medical care, instead of overhead like salaries or advertising. If an insurance company does not, it has to give a customer rebate.

It’s a really big deal, and we want to know everyone understands how it works.

Here’s a graphic that breaks things down. Will you share it to help answer questions in your community?

ObamaCare 8.5 m get rebateIf your insurance company spends more than
20% of your premium dollars on administrative costs,
you get a rebate for the difference

ObamaCare forExample

ObamaCare 2012 Total Rebates



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