Why Vote for a “Better Direction”? (WC Area School District, 2013)

from Better Direction for West Chester

Why Vote for a “Better Direction”?

In the last school board election, against all odds, our community joined together and succeeded in electing a board director with strong community values. This was the first step in providing a “Better Direction” for the West Chester Area School Board. Take the next step to achieve a “Better Direction” by ensuring a majority of the board members share this vision. All 4 of our candidates for School Board Director believe in the values of a strong community built upon strong schools. Our ability to present independent views while embracing core values is critical to providing a “Better Direction.” Electing our team of 4 on May 21st ensures we will have a School Board majority in place that provides intelligent, fiscally responsible governance by pruning the budget wisely and spending our dollars sensibly to improve student achievement and the quality of education, which will contribute to maintaining or improving our high property values.

Our Shared Commitment for this “Better Direction:”

· Ensures quality education & high property values through smart spending;
· Reduces expenses and increases revenue streams while maintaining our educational integrity;
· Demonstrates true fiscal responsibility by balancing the current year’s budget while considering our responsibility to future years (5-year outlook);
· Seeks relief from unfunded state and federal mandates;
· Conducts board business publicly and transparently to promote better understanding and inclusiveness;
· Participates in on-going, professional development to ensure the best possible governance and ability to recruit and retain excellent administrators.

Candidates for a “Better Direction” for West Chester Area School Board:

Chris McCUNE

Please vote on Tuesday, May 21st for our team of candidates!

For more information, please email us at info@betterdirection4wc.com