President Obama: gun-violence-in-America-must-be-addressed petition

In light of ever-increasing tragic mass shootings in America, our leaders can no longer pretend that inaction is appropriate or acceptable. It is time for the president to begin a national conversation about finding the solution to this great national problem.

That’s why I signed a petition to President Barack Obama, which says:

“Mr. President, it is time for you to use your platform and position to begin a long overdue national conversation about gun violence. We ask that you go before the American people and state plainly that we have a serious problem in our country that needs to be addressed. Undoubtedly, there will be fierce resistance from the NRA and many members of Congress, but even so, this conversation must begin. Far too many innocent people, many of them children, are dying every year to continue to deny that SOMETHING must be done. Please do not wait any longer to act.”

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Dennis Levin
Petition Creator