Notes on the 4/21/12 redistricting forum in West Chester

by Nathaniel Smith, Politics: A View from West Chester, 6/7/12

As the state’s redistricting snafus are about to get back in the headlines (the Legislative Reapportionment Commission will meet again on June 8 to address its own proposal #2), I wanted to look back to the very informative forum on that subject held this spring in West Chester Borough Hall.

You may have read the account “Panel reviews Pennsylvania redistricting” by Jim Callahan, Daily Local News, 4/23/12.

Since blogs have fewer space constraints than daily newspapers, I’m going to mention some further highlights that I thought ought to be preserved for posterity.

Here for the record is the outline distributed at the forum:

“The Great Pennsylvania Redistricting Reversal of 2012: How it happened, how it affirmed citizens’ rights, and how it changed this year’s elections”

April 21 2012, West Chester Borough Hall

Carolyn Comitta , Mayor of West Chester, appellant (with Borough Council President Holly Brown) for the Borough on state plan #1

Amanda Holt (, author of redistricting maps praised by the PA Supreme Court

Sam Stretton, attorney for the West Chester and Phoenixville appeals to the Legislative Redistricting Commission

Tim Potts, co-founder and political analyst, Democracy Rising Pennsylvania (


Why does redistricting matter?

What happened?

What can be done?

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