Redistricting West Chester

As a result of the population growth in ward 5 (due to WCU dorms being demolished and replaced) and precinct 2W (the western part of ward 2), those two areas need to give up residents to wards 3 and 1, respectively, according to a plan approved by PZBID today.

Download the relevant memo and map of proposed changes here: Redistricting 5-2-12.

The proposal goes to Borough Council next week for discussion but would not be adopted until at least the June or July Council meeting (after, of course, public comment and any changes).

The proposed redistricting notably makes ward 5 about 4/5 students, at least until the next census in 2020 and redistricting to take effect in 2012.

Note that the census (and therefore redistricting) is based on residents (or, in the case of dorms, beds), not on regisered voters.