Mayor Comitta on redistricting round 2

West Chester’s Mayor Carolyn Comitta attended the April 12th meeting of the Legislative Reapportionment Commission on the latest proposal for redistricting PA House and Senate districts, and kindly shared the following comments with us:

A victory for the people!

On behalf of the citizens of the Borough of West Chester, I want to thank the PA Supreme Court and the State Reapportionment Commission for their actions leading to a revised preliminary legislative redistricting map that is in the best interest of citizens, rather than in the best interest of political parties.  

Under the revised preliminary map, the Borough of West Chester is shown to be wholly within the boundaries of the 156th House Legislative District.  The revised preliminary map reflects the charge of the Supreme Court and the wording of our State Constitution that “…unless absolutely necessary, no (municipality) shall be divided…”.

The testimonies and appeal by the multi-partisan citizens of West Chester and the pro-bono efforts of West Chester attorney, Sam Stretton, were compelling and effective and played a significant role in the Supreme Court’s decision to rule the original redistricting plan unconstitutional, splitting West Chester.  As Supreme Court Chief Justice Castille said at the appeal hearing in February, …”enough is enough.”  

Elected officials are members of political parties, sworn to represent and serve the people… not a party.  The revised preliminary plan, keeping West Chester wholly within the 156th, is appropriate, constitutional, and serves the citizens of West Chester appropriately.

I plan to testify on behalf of the citizens of West Chester at the Reapportionment Commission hearing in Harrisburg on May 2nd, which is to hear citizen comments and petitions regarding the revised preliminary map. I will underscore the wisdom of the Supreme Court and the Commission in keeping West Chester wholly within the 156th, and will testify to concerns regarding the state constitution’s requirement for “compact and contiguous” districts.

If any citizen has a concern or comment they wish to express, please let me know.

— Mayor Carolyn Comitta

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