Let your voices be heard … write a letter

Daily Local News, posted 04/19/12

As I’m sure Opinion page readers have noticed, the letters here have become politically unbalanced. A number of energetic conservatives are published regularly, but very few on the other side write to challenge them about health care reform, income disparities, the supposed 92 percent women’s share of job losses, and similar themes. (Education seems to get more diverse reactions, maybe because so many parents are concerned now.)

Why don’t Democrats and progressives write more letters to the editor? I’ve heard many reasons, along the lines of:

“They wouldn’t publish a letter from me”
“What difference would it make? No one reads letters anyhow”
“Once you write, then you have to keep answering other people”
“We have more important things to do with our time”
“Everyone already knows what they think and how they are going to vote”
“It’s more important to knock on doors and make phone calls for our candidates”

Personally, I disagree with all of the above.

All of us who care enough to try to get our views across to our fellow citizens should respect any possible forum, and the Opinion page is a good one.

Come to think of it, the excuses for not writing letters are pretty similar to the excuses many citizens have for not voting.

Precisely because, unfortunately, so few vote in a primary election, every vote then has outsized influence. You can write a letter any time, but you have only one day to vote in this year’s primary election: Tuesday, April 24!

Nathaniel Smith
West Chester