Democratic Primary Election, Tuesday May 17, 2011, 7 AM to 8 PM

It is important that you vote!
7 a.m.-8 p.m. at the Primary Election on Tuesday May 17, 2011

If write-in candidates approach you, check them out in person and by asking knowledgeable Democrats.

Candidates can register for more than one party (cross-file) for School Board and various judge/justice positions. This means, for those positions, the Democratic ballot includes names of Republicans. Do not be deceived by misleading statements (such as “supported by many Democrats”) and mailers showing happy families and pets. Before you vote on May 17, be sure you know who the real Democrats are! Even if you think you know, check with the Democratic greeter at your polling place.

For West Chester Area School Board, the only Democrat on the ballot is Wayne Burton, Borough of West Chester resident and retired West Chester University faculty member. VOTE FOR WAYNE BURTON and no one else for WCASD “School Director” (that’s the term on the ballot)!

For West Chester Borough Council, the Democratic candidates on the ballot are:
Ward 2, Cassandra Jones (incumbent)
Ward 4, Jordan Norley
Ward 6, Jane Dorchester and Stephen Shinn

For countywide Democratic candidates and photos, see our Candidates page. For other Democratic candidates, refer to the website of municipal Democratic organizations or consult your Democratic Committeeperson or greeter at the polls.

To verify your voter registration, find your polling place or how to vote absentee, click here.