WCU faculty, students and staff to rally against education budget cuts

email from APSCUF-WCU, 3/17/11. For this and similar issues, see also APSCUF-WCU’s blog.

On Tuesday March 22, 2011, West Chester University faculty, students, and staff will hold a rally to voice opposition to Governor Corbett’s proposed 50% cuts to education spending across the state. The rally will be held from 1:15—2:30PM on the Hollinger Annex (Ehinger Gym) lawn, at the corner of Church Street and University Avenue. Information kiosks will also be set up throughout the day at other places on campus.

“We must all work together to stop the underfunding of higher education,” says WCU union president Clifford Johnston. “If the legislature does not restore funding for PASSHE close to current levels, it will mean double-digit increases in tuition, cuts in programs, and the loss of the high quality, affordable college option for the kids of Pennsylvania.”

Similar rallies will occur across the 14 Pennsylvania State System Universities on the same day. A week of information and additional events is being planned as legislators begin deliberating the governor’s proposals.

For more information contact:
Cheryl Wanko, cwanko@wcupa.edu or 610-486-6250
APSCUF office phone: 610-436-1064