Dear WCASD Parents & Taxpayers –

As most of you know, five of us presented to the WCASD school board on Monday night [February 28, 2011]. In case you weren’t there, our statement is attached. We encourage you to read it, as it helps answer uninformed criticisms of our position, as well as questions people may have about why we would oppose abstinence. To be clear: We are not opposing abstinence for young teens. We are opposing abstinence-only-until-marriage taught by a fundamentalist Christian organization to children in our public schools, for the reasons outlined in the attached statement.

Two of us met with Drs. Scanlon and Bertrando on Friday to clarify our concerns and be sure they have a full understanding of our position. We have asked them to put an immediate hold on the Amnion program – which is scheduled to be taught next week – until full and genuine attempts can be made to share information and work with the PTOC and District to fully address our concerns. We are asking the District to take a step back to allow for reasoned discussion and avoid further inflation of the controversy.

We are awaiting the District’s response to this request, as well as the requests included in the attached statement. We will keep you informed.

In the meantime, please consider sending a brief email to Drs. Scanlon and Bertrando asking the District to place an immediate hold on the Amnion program. You are welcome to use any of the talking points in the attached statement if you agree with them.

The emails must be sent this weekend or Monday, as the first Amnion program is scheduled to be taught on Wednesday.

We would appreciate your bcc-ing me on your emails so we can track the communications. We will never use your email or name in any way without your express permission.

Thank you for supporting our public schools! Please pass this on to interested parents and taxpayers.

-Dianne Herrin

Amnion Statement PDF


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