Town loses a wise leader

Letter in Daily Local News, 12/7/10:

With the passing of Paul Fitzpatrick, West Chester has lost an important voice of reason and humor — a good man you could always turn to for a reasonable perspective on any issue, often delivered with a twinkle and a little grin that let you know, “We’re all in this together, so let’s just drop the bull and figure it out.”

I served with Paul for four years on Borough Council — we started as “freshmen” together in 2000 — and I was frequently grateful for his sensible approach to the sometimes difficult issues we faced.

He gave a tremendous amount to our town as council representative and president, BID president, radio commentator, and much more. He was the guy you could always count on to step up and take care of business, whatever the problem or task.

To Paul’s family, I want to say this: He was a genuinely good, humble, wise man you’ll always be proud of. He was also a great friend and I’ll miss him a lot.

Diane LeBold
West Chester


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