Tradition is changing

(letter in Daily Local News, 11/9/10)

As the chairwoman of the West Chester Democratic Committee, I would like to extend gratitude to the many Democratic voters who came out on Tuesday to vote in the borough.

Although I would have liked an even bigger turnout, the numbers were still impressive in a midterm election year.

My fear, after hearing the results late on Tuesday night, was that “my voters” in the borough would feel disenfranchised, as if their votes didn’t count. I want them to know that, while the losses overall were disheartening, the results were that more people were involved in the Democratic process, thus creating a better opportunity for building a Democratic electorate.

We Democrats in Chester County are all too familiar with past elections in which Republicans seemed to win every race without even much of an effort and many times with barely any challenge. That tradition is changing dramatically. We have changed it … and it’s because of all the enthusiastic Democrats who have been unafraid to organize and vote.

Stephanie Markstein
West Chester


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