Response raises more questions

Letter in the Daily Local News, August 30, 2010

It’s good that Mr. Terence Farrell has stated his case, in “Commissioner responds to editorial” (Daily Local, Aug. 24). This is an important topic that should not go away.

As mentioned in one of the many online comments to the Aug. 12 editorial “A political gambit that hopefully will never be imitated,” it would be helpful to have Mr. Farrell answering someone else’s questions on the record.

The questions he does answer in his Aug. 24 self-defense include:

Whether he is a racist.

What his own race is.

What his family ties have been to Lincoln University and the Lincoln Community Association.

Some of the questions he doesn’t answer include:

Whether his many years as a Republican committeeperson influenced his decisions in the case….

continue reading in the Daily Local News


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