Mark Stevens to supporters, 5/19/10

Results from the 156th PA House District:


Dan Truitt 3,751 80.41%
Drae McComas 905 19.40%
Write-in 9 .19%


Mark Stevens 3,375 99.00%
Write-in 33 .97%

Thank you, 156th Democrats! I am grateful and humbled by the strong support of so many good people. Congratulations to Dan Truitt for his win and to Drae McComas for fighting a good fight. Now on to the General Election…

My opponent is an avowed pro-life TEA party member and will pull no punches in his campaign to take back the 156th and the House (see his most recent flier). And, as you can see from the results above, the Republicans have strength in numbers and turnout.

To win this — and with your continued support, we will! — we must not only work smart and work hard, we must out-work the competition. You have my pledge to give it my best, just as we will show together in November that we have the best to give… now on to Victory!

Ways You Can Help Our Campaign

Volunteer. If you want to help work for good government, call me directly at 610-344-3977.

Donate Online. Our opponents are backed by powerful interests, and they will make this race expensive. To counter them, I need to raise small amounts from a lot of people like you; so please, donate right now using our online system….

Donate by Mail. If you prefer, mail your donation check to Friends to Elect Mark Stevens, PO Box 3067, West Chester, PA 19381. If the amount exceeds $250, be sure to include your occupation and employer’s name.

Tell Your Friends. Word of mouth is the best advertising, so please tell your friends and neighbors why you are supporting Mark Stevens.

Thank you,

Mark Stevens


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