156th district candidate wants to revive rail line

Daily Local News, March 28, 2010

WEST CHESTER – Mark Stevens, the Democrat who is unopposed in his bid for his party’s nomination to run for the 156th State House District seat, said at his campaign headquarters grand opening on Thursday that he will make bringing commuter rail service back to West Chester a centerpiece of his campaign.

“Some say, ok, it’s sort of doable, and others say good luck,” Stevens said, referring to the great cost — well over $100 million, by some estimates — of reviving the rail line that once carried commuters to and from the borough. But, Stevens said, he believes himself able to succeed even in the face of such obstacles.

Stevens, who works in Harrisburg as an advocate for implementing a universal electronic health records system, said that he will also make solving problems with the health care system one of his top priorities….

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