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2017 positions on the ballot in West Chester

Borough Council wards 1, 3, 5, 7
Judges of Elections and Majority and Minority Inspectors in all precincts
One WCASD school director seat (countywide, about half of school board members)
Chester County Clerk of Courts, Controller, Coroner, Treasurer
County and state judges only if seat is open or has a retention vote

Magisterial District Justicess are on the ballot every 6 years but neither WC seat is scheduled for 2017

Many municipalities elect Auditor and Tax Collector in 2017, but WC doesn’t.

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156th district update: looks good!

After the election, it appeared that Carolyn was behind by a small margin. Now that the usual collection of ballots not included in the official results, notably those coming in from overseas voters, have been counted, we hear that she is leading by 18 votes! Yes, every vote counts.

There will be a hearing 12/1 to determine which provisional ballots will be counted. Often, those ballots (in the rare cases that they are counted) favor Democrats.

So it is almost time to be optimistic!

This will all have a feeling of déjà vu for those who remember Barb McIlvaine Smith’s narrow victory under similar circumstances in 2006.

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Grateful — Mayor Comitta

On the eve of Thanksgiving, we are bustling around traveling, cooking and turning our thoughts to being together with family and friends. I want to take a moment to share with you some of the things I am grateful for this Thanksgiving:

– Family and dear friends who are there for me and love me no matter what.

– A West Chester community that affirms and stands up for the dignity of all people. (See our Greater West Chester Code of Community Values and Pledge.)

– Borough Council and Township Boards of Supervisors who are committed to listening to the people and making decisions that will improve our communities for all.

– Our Democracy that isn’t perfect, but that relies on our talents, vigilance, hard work and resilience to ensure our country is place of opportunity and justice for of all.

– Every voter who cast a ballot in the November election – regular, provisional, absentee, oversea seas and military – every vote counts!!

– My campaign staff and volunteers who have worked diligently over the last year, and most recently to monitor, challenge, lobby and ensure that every valid vote cast will be counted in our race for the 156th District!

– You – I am grateful for you – for the many (often quiet, kind and significant) ways you make our community and the lives of our neighbors better every day.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

Warmest wishes,


PS Here is an update on the ongoing race for the 156th:

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Make our community a Hate Free Zone

from Global Exchange; posters here

by Adam Farence, Daily Local News, 11/18/16

WEST CHESTER >> Borough Council President Ellen B. Koopman announced her intent to resign from her position in the near future at the Nov. 16 borough council meeting.

Koopman, who represents Ward Seven, took the position of council president in January this year, and has been on borough council since 2013.

“It was, and has been challenging,” Koopman said. “But highly rewarding.”

She said she was resigning in order to spend more time with her family, including her 1-year-old daughter and a child she is expecting to have in the new year. She plans to resign in mid-December.

When asked if she would consider running for borough council again, she said “it’s certainly possible, but nothing is set in stone.”…

read more at Daily Local News

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Comitta Campaign Update

Some of you may have heard a rumor, about the status of the race in the 156th District. We are pleased to report that we have an unexpected update to the outcome.

On Election Day, Carolyn’s votes were 78 fewer than her opponent. There were some ballots cast which we knew had not been counted, which is why Carolyn didn’t concede the race.

On Monday we reviewed the 107 Provisional ballots, (ballots cast on Election Day if a voter was not found on the list of voters, but believed they should be eligible to vote). The Provisional Ballot Board rejected over 80 ballots, but we challenged that determination, hoping to allow every vote to count. There were also Military/Overseas ballots which had an extended deadline to be received by Voter Services on 11/15.

Today we reviewed and counted these ballots, and as of today, Carolyn’s votes are +18.

There will be a hearing on Tuesday, 11/22, at 9:30am to allow the Election Board to hear our argument on why each of those Provisional ballots should be counted. After the outcome of that hearing, we will know what the vote count will be.

We feel cautiously optimistic that the outcome will be in our favor.

Carolyn wanted me to express her gratitude to all of you, for all your help and support. Watch this space as we learn more in the next few days. We promise to report out to you, what the final determination of these ballots will be on Tuesday and if there is any further action to be taken.

Warmest appreciation,

Lani Frank
Campaign Manager Friends of Carolyn Comitta

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“Time To Double Down On Truth”

by Janet Colliton, Daily Local News, 11/14/16

Truth took a serious hit in this election. It seemed that anything could be said. In fact, truth might have taken enough of a hit to cause us to question the point of taking Ethics courses as professionals or why bother to try. At the risk of sounding like a lecturer I would say that truth matters now more than ever. Here is why.

Trust. Our society is based on the idea that most people tell the truth most of the time, at least as they understand it. Opinions can differ but facts mean something.

If a salesperson tells you a product or a system costs a given amount, we assume this is correct. If the bill comes back in a different amount we can be outraged.

If you are told in the financial services field you have immediate access to your money and discover later this is only after paying a substantial surrender fee or following excessive administrative fees, you can feel cheated.

When a researcher prepares a report and falsifies data so a contract can be awarded, users might be seriously injured by a defective product or a dangerous medication.

In law, my field, perjury is a crime. We ask “what is the evidence?” We probe credibility. This is a polite way of saying we are testing to see whether a witness is lying. Opinions will differ but facts matter.

So why does this matter? One reason is if truth breaks down, trust breaks down too. Trust is the bond that holds a community together….

read more at Daily Local News

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Fasten seat belts, America!

with thanks to artist Deb Hodies

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West Chester 3rd Ward council seat filled

By Adam Farence, Daily Local News, 11/09/16

WEST CHESTER >> Democrat Michael R. Galey won re-election to the West Chester Borough Council Tuesday after defeating Republican Carl Mancini in a contest to represent the borough’s 3rd Ward.

The final count puts Galey at 752 votes and Mancini at 410, according to election results released by the county. All results are unofficial until certified by the county’s Board of Elections.

“I’m honored to continue my representation of the 3rd Ward,” Galey said in a phone call Wednesday.

Borough council members serve four-year terms, and are eligible for re-election once. Galey’s term will expire in 2020. The 3rd Ward is in the southwestern section of the borough, and voting took place at the Reformed Presbyterian Church at 312 W. Union St….

continue reading at Daily Local News

Governor Wolf, Senator Casey, and Attorney General candidate Josh Shapiro really need Carolyn Comitta in Harrisburg!! So, they are coming to West Chester Sunday at noon to show their support and to encourage everyone to help Carolyn get over the top.

Volunteers for Carolyn should not miss this exclusive opportunity to meet our governor and senator, before heading out to canvass for Carolyn. If you were thinking about helping Carolyn with canvassing or phone banking, this is the time to come out and devote 2 hours to the campaign.

Please RSVP to and let us know you will be there for Carolyn. Don’t miss this great opportunity to meet our leaders, and help elect our next State Representative.

Every day, voters are telling Carolyn that Harrisburg is broken, and needs someone with her skills to bring people together. As your State Representative, Carolyn Comitta will be a leader who gets things done. Please share with your friends if you agree!! In case you had any doubts, we need YOU to HELP! We need to elect the best people from the White House to the State House.

Again, that’s We’re waiting to hear from YOU!!

Please help Carolyn win this race. She is working hard, meeting new neighbors and new supporters, but she cannot do it alone. Please find a few hours to help put Carolyn over the top. She will always be there for you, but she needs you now to get there. Your support is the key to our success.

She is ready to serve the 156th District in Harrisburg. With your support, she’ll get there.

Thanks for all you do.


Lani Frank, Campaign Manager for Carolyn Comitta

P.S. Can’t join the dignitaries then? Volunteer to help Carolyn at any time here.

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