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Dear Mayor Comitta

Letter, Times of Chester County title there: “Sound says a lot about 156th candidates”), Oct. 25th, 2016

letters1I listened to the WCHE debate yesterday between you and your opponent. Listening without seeing the candidates helps me hear nuances that sometimes are blurred with a visual. Here is what I heard:

A vibrant, intelligent, extremely well -prepared and energetic woman who has proven skills at getting people to work together to solve problems and continue to work on all kinds of issues.

A man full of frustration, excuses, and reasons why he has had to vote NO more times that any legislator and whose main concern seems to be legislation on one issue: bullying in schools.

A woman who stayed calm, in control, and who was able to discuss accurately the important issues presented by the not always unbiased people running the debate. A woman who did not back down, who kept her sense of humor, and who incisively answered all questions.

A man who was pretty much the opposite.

A woman who is ready to take on the challenges of the PA Legislature, where there are a plethora of challenges.

A man who is turned off by politics, by the organizations who want to give him money and then control him, and so has hunkered down and voted no on most issues. A man who has not been able to work with others in that “vile” environment, and who probably should return to his “good life” where he can work 24 hours a week and make a “good living.”

What I heard sounded a lot like the 3rd debate for the Presidency. I know who I am voting for in both cases, both Presidential and PA House. Not the name callers, but the do-ers. Not the excuse makers, but the “we can get these things done” candidates. In both races, the women.

Susan Tiernan,
West Chester

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About Mayor Comitta

Did you know, she attended Fern Hill Elementary School and then to Stetson Jr. High and graduated from Downingtown High School.

Her secret as a mayor who truly represents everyone:

What is the best piece of advice you ever received?

Mayor Joe Riley, who just stepped down from being Mayor of Charleston, South Carolina for over 40 years, told me the key to being a good mayor was listening. We all have ideas and preferences, but as a civic leader the key, is to listen to the people we serve.

See more at her candidate blog.

See video of Mayor Comitta talking with students supporting the WCU faculty strike, Oct. 22.

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Leaders Get Things Done

Every day, voters are telling Carolyn that Harrisburg is broken, and needs someone with her skills to bring people together.

As your State Representative, Carolyn Comitta will be a leader who gets things done. Please share with your friends if you agree!!!

As Carolyn’s campaign manager since she first ran for Mayor in 2009, I can tell you – she’s the real deal. Here are some things you may not know about her:

1. She’s a voice for the people. Before becoming Mayor, she was an outspoken member of West Chester Borough Council and on the board of an NGO under the United Nations umbrella, working to educate people on health and environmental issues

2. She’s been a leader in her community. Carolyn was an educator in the Octorara School District for 12 years, is on the board of multiple State and Local municipal organizations (see her bio on her website) and she and her husband, Tom Comitta, have donated hours of professional support to the community through their Town Planning business.

3. She fights for her beliefs. She was an early Mayor Against Illegal Guns, and has pulled together community leaders to stop intolerance in our diverse community,

4. She’s a mother, and wife. Carolyn and her husband Tom have two grown children, Tommy and Anne. Tom and Carolyn live in West Chester, and have attended local schools and raised their children here. It is the community they love.

5. She’s respected. People know that when they have a problem, Carolyn is the one person who they can turn to for advice. She listens to people, and people listen to her. She knows who to turn to for good advice herself, and the mutual respect she has for people and they have for her is why she is so successful at bringing people together, to solve problems and get things done.

I’m so proud to work for someone who wakes up every day thinking about how to make life better for the people of Pennsylvania, and the 156th district.


The ad demonstrates what the voters know: we need strong leadership in Harrisburg, and Carolyn Comitta is the person to lead us forward, together.

Your generous donation will keep us on the air until November 8th!! Please donate today!

We need your help! Click to VOLUNTEER here.

Please help Carolyn win this race. She is working hard, meeting new neighbors and new supporters, but she cannot do it alone. Please find a few hours per week, over these last few weeks of the campaign and help put Carolyn over the top. She will always be there for you, but she needs you now to get there. Your support is the key to our success.

She is ready to serve the 156th District in Harrisburg. With your support, she’ll get there.

Thanks for all you do.


Lani Frank, Campaign Manager for Carolyn Comitta

P.S. Please say you’ll volunteer. You are the key to her winning this race. We can’t do it without you!!.

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Gov. Wolf w/ Mayor Comitta in West Chester Oct. 21

Join Governor Tom Wolf in support of our Mayor Carolyn Comitta in her campaign for PA House district 156.

Noon to 2 p.m., Friday Oct. 21, but get there early to be sure to meet and hear the Governor!

At Olive Branch Tapas, 142 West Gay St., West Chester.

To donate specifically for that event, click here.

Or RSVP to

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Phonebank and canvass for Carolyn for 156th!

Urgent! Help turn out voters for Mayor Comitta to become Representative Comitta!

Please let Gina know which of the following shifts you can sign up for:

PHONEBANKS @ Carolyn Comitta’s

10/18 (Tuesday), 5:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.
10/20 (Thursday), 5:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.
10/25  (Tuesday), 5:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.
10/27 (Thursday), 5:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.
11/1  (Tuesday), 5:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.

CANVASSING, rally @ Carolyn Comitta’s

10/27, 10 a.m. 
10/29, 10 a.m.

** If you are unable to canvass during these times but are willing to canvass on your own, or would canvass with Carolyn in your neighborhood, please let us know!

GET OUT THE VOTE- Phonebanking & Canvassing COMMITTED voters

Friday Nov. 4 – all day 2 hr. shifts
Saturday Nov. 5 – all day 2 hr. shifts
Sunday Nov. 6 – all day 2 hr. shifts
Monday Nov. 7 – all day 2 hr. shifts
Election Day Tuesday Nov. 8 – all day 2 hr. shifts


Shifts will run continuously throughout the day, please let us know your time frame and geography requests.

Gina Colley-Holgate
Field Coordinator- Carolyn Comitta for State Representative 156

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“Forgive them, for they know not” department

From: Christians for Trump
Sent: Mon, Oct 17, 2016 9:31 pm
Subject: Call for Action!

The time is now to show your support for Donald J. Trump and Governor Mike Pence.

Help us spread the word that millions of people of faith are supporting Trump. Please use social media and show your support by using the hashtag #ChristiansVoteTrump

This year’s critical election revolves around 4 core principles:

Supreme Court Justices
Religious Liberty
Defense of the unborn
Support for Israel

Only one team can say yes to all of those: Trump/Pence.

Please pray for this election and our nation and its leaders.

Psalm 33:12 “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.”


Also check out, share and like our page on Facebook: Christians Vote Trump –

Please tweet your support for Mr. Trump with: #ChristiansVoteTrump


Christians Vote Trump

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Town Hall with Mike Parrish at Henderson High Oct. 12


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Carolyn’s TV ad

View it here.

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Comitta and Dinniman on WCHE

Hear interviews with Carolyn Comitta for PA House 156 here and Andy Dinniman (incumbent, PA Senate 19) here.

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Comitta and Fetterman

Mayor Carolyn Comitta with fellow mayor John Fetterman (Braddock PA) after presenting him with the keys to the Borough at the CCDC banquet Sept. 25, 2016, at which Fetterman was the opening speaker

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