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Was BuzzFeed right to publish alleged Trump dossier?

By Nathaniel Smith, The Times of Chester County, Jan 13th, 2017

If those allegations weren’t news before January 10, they sure are now.

The post that contains the download to the full 35-page version of the allegations was viewed over 5,000,000 times in its first 3 days online. (The 2-page executive summary has not been posted.) Here is Buzzfeed’s self-justification:

“BuzzFeed News is publishing the full document so that Americans can make up their own minds about allegations about the president-elect that have circulated at the highest levels of the US government.”

Are Americans really qualified to make up their own minds about any matter of public policy? If not, they need more practice. The 2016 presidential campaign centered on allegations and counter-allegations.

Now that we can see the current lurid and potentially damaging document, we can look at the evidence and at what public figures and commentators have to say. And of course we need to figure out why they say what they say, not just their surface explanations but also their built-in interests: partisanship, job security, preconceived notions.

Here are what I think are the underlying questions:

1) Should the allegations be treated as news?

Yes. These allegations involve no military secrets, have been circulating for years, and have been under scrutiny by US intelligence since at least June 2016. The time has come for proper airing.

2) What if Trump is being blackmailed by Russia?

Then it would have been better if these allegations had been made public a long time ago….

read more at The Times of Chester County

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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the Concience of the Nation

by dianeravitch, 1/16/17

I was never fortunate enough to meet Dr. King, but I was a member of the vast crowd that stood on the Mall when he spoke to the March on Washington on August 28, 1963. I became a good friend of his close aide Bayard Rustin, who like Dr. King, was eloquent and passionate about justice.

Dr. King was frequently criticized by friends and foes. The foes thought he was a dangerous agitator who was encouraging rebellion against the social order, which he was. Moderates said he was pushing too hard, too fast, for too much, at the wrong time and the wrong place. Some who should have been his friends said he wasn’t sufficiently radical; they said he was too cerebral, too willing to compromise, out of touch with the masses that were ready to engage in violence. Dr. King believed in nonviolence as a principle, not as a strategy. He believed in justice and equality as principles, not as temporary goals. Some of his erstwhile allies turned to Malcolm X, who did not share Dr. King’s commitment to nonviolence.

On this day set aside to remember Dr. King, read or watch one of his speeches. Think about the courage it required to stand up for the oppressed, to face death every day, and to do so in a spirit of love….

Read more and see links to many MLK speeches at dianeravitch. Note praise of West Chester Native Bayard Rustin above.

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Comitta begins first term representing 156th District

Rep. Carolyn Comitta January 4, 2017

HARRISBURG, Jan. 4 – Calling it a tremendous honor, state Rep. Carolyn Comitta was sworn in yesterday to represent the 156th Legislative District in Chester County.

“It’s truly humbling to be sent to Harrisburg as a representative of our district to fight for what’s best for Pennsylvania,” Comitta said. “I look forward to working in a bipartisan fashion to get things done and serve the residents of the 156th District as best I can.”

Comitta is one of 40 women serving in the House, the highest total in state history.

Constituents can visit Comitta’s website at for information on various state-related services and programs.

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives swearing-in corresponds with the first Tuesday in January, every two years. This year is Pennsylvania’s 201st legislative session.

(Still from video at

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Happy New Year from State Representative-Elect Comitta

I wish you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year.

We share a goal for a healthy future for everyone in the 156th Legislative District and Pennsylvania.

I sincerely thank you all for your support in 2016 and look forward to serving you and working together with you in the months and years ahead.


Carolyn Comitta, State Representative-Elect


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West Chester Borough Council fills vacant seat

By Adam Farence, Daily Local News, 12/19/16

WEST CHESTER >> Following borough Council President Ellen Koopman’s resignation on Dec. 14, borough council unanimously appointed a West Chester University professor to take her position.

Denise Polk, a professor of communications and member of the university’s faculty since 2005, has also served on the borough’s Borough Leaders United for Emission Reduction (BLUER) group, a group that serves an advisory role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Polk has also served on the borough’s Human Relations Commission and helped the borough secure two U.S. EPA grants to reduce waste through composting….

read more at Daily Local News

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History repeats in the 156th!

Mayor Carolyn Comitta

Mayor Comitta

History repeats in the 156th! In 2006: Barbara McIlvaine Smith 11,616, Shannon Royer 11,588 – winning margin of 28. In 2016: Carolyn Comitta 18,261, Dan Truitt 18,236 – winning margin of 25.

It’s nice to be in one of the state’s few remaining swing districts, where candidates campaign vigorously, voters pay attention, and the result hangs in the balance even after election day.

WC Borough Dems congratulate Mayor, and now Representative, Carolyn Comitta!


By Adam Farence, Daily Local News
Posted: 12/16/16, 4:17 PM EST

Mayor Carolyn Comitta

Mayor Carolyn Comitta

WEST CHESTER: Carolyn Comitta can now officially call herself state Representative Comitta after a hearing Friday afternoon determined she would represent the 156th legislative district in Harrisburg.

Comitta, a Democrat and the mayor of West Chester, had challenged Dan Truitt, R-156, of East Goshen, for his spot on the state legislature.

Common Pleas President Judge Jacqueline Carroll Cody presided over the hearing. Comitta was represented by Samuel Stretton, a longtime county Democrat and attorney and Truitt was represented by Curtis Norcini.

“I appreciate that you all pursued everything you did to ensure the integrity of the election process,” Cody told everyone assembled.

Truitt was not present for the hearing, and did not return a request for comment.

“We wanted to make sure that every valid ballot was counted, and that whoever won was the people’s choice,” Comitta said after the hearing. “I’m grateful to all the voters, all the volunteers, voter service, and Dan Truitt for his graciousness and service to our community.”

Both attorneys told Cody that they had agreed with the results of the recount, which put Comitta ahead of Truitt by 25 votes, putting her total at 18,267 to Truitt’s 18,242. Comitta’s campaign had filed for a recount after unofficial results from election day declared Truitt the winner.

Comitta extended her thanks to all her campaign staff and workers, including Stretton.

“I am honored to serve as representative for the citizens of district 156 and look forward to working together to make our wonderful community even better for all.”

To contact Daily Local News staff writer Adam Farence, email, or call 610-235-2647.

by Michaelle Bond, STAFF WRITER @MichaelleBond

West Chester Mayor Carolyn Comitta said Friday her lead in the race for a Chester County state House seat has increased — from 18, to 26 votes.

Obeying a county judge’s order, the county’s Department of Voter Services unsealed and counted 14 contested provisional ballots. Eleven were for Comitta, a Democrat, and three went to incumbent Republican state Rep. Dan Truitt, she said.

Comitta had argued every eligible vote should count and appealed to Chester County Court to force Voter Services to count 15 provisional ballots the department said were ineligible.

County officials said that 14 of the voter-registration applications had arrived too late. Another voter was registered in another county. Judge Jacqueline Cody concurred on the 15th voter, but not the others.

It was not known whether Truitt would ask for a recount as he had previously said he would. The three-term legislator has not responded to requests for comment.

More than 36,000 votes were cast in the race in the November election.

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2017 positions on the ballot in West Chester

Borough Council wards 1, 3, 5, 7
Judges of Elections and Majority and Minority Inspectors in all precincts
One WCASD school director seat (countywide, about half of school board members)
Chester County Clerk of Courts, Controller, Coroner, Treasurer
County and state judges only if seat is open or has a retention vote

Magisterial District Justicess are on the ballot every 6 years but neither WC seat is scheduled for 2017

Many municipalities elect Auditor and Tax Collector in 2017, but WC doesn’t.

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156th district update: looks good!

After the election, it appeared that Carolyn was behind by a small margin. Now that the usual collection of ballots not included in the official results, notably those coming in from overseas voters, have been counted, we hear that she is leading by 18 votes! Yes, every vote counts.

There will be a hearing 12/1 to determine which provisional ballots will be counted. Often, those ballots (in the rare cases that they are counted) favor Democrats.

So it is almost time to be optimistic!

This will all have a feeling of déjà vu for those who remember Barb McIlvaine Smith’s narrow victory under similar circumstances in 2006.

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